Thursday, March 03, 2005

Plucky Women Website

Add a story...

        Wispy clouds formed a lattice of blue and white in the warm spring sky, much like Grandmother Rebecca’s picnic tablecloth from last Fourth of July.  The emerald stalks of grass pushing their way to the heavens competed with the small seedlings in the side garden, already gaining their freedom from the dark soil into the warm daylight.  Puah was trying to absorb it all; the sunlight, the blossoming scents of spring but most of all the colors, the vibrant and delicious colors.  For she knew her world would soon be filled with an oppressing darkness. 

Well, faithful readers (er..reader!) I have started a story, and I request you add to it.  Puah is the name of one of the Egyptian midwives that did not obey the Pharaoh when he told them to kill the baby Hebrew boys.  God blessed them.  I thought it was a courageous name, and could not remember the name we chose for our heroine :(  Sorry, it’s a little dramatic.  You can start a better story if you like :) 

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My thesis...

Typing typing typing
All a blur to me
Eyes are growing weary
Though not much to see
For my thesis is just
A ram-buh-ling mess (needed the 5 syllables!)
I would much rather be
in a dancing dress.

:) A poor poem, but it adequately reflects my feelings.