Monday, August 02, 2004

For J.

Since you are the only person who comes here my friend (well, maybe Mike will come too! Hi!) I thought I would pour out my poetic heart! Well not really poetry, but as close as I might get :)

Poem #1:
The summer sun shines
My soul is warmed
Your eyes, they see
me - all and everywhere
Thank You
I am not alone

Poem #2
Broken, torn, and neglected
Emptied of all feeling
A single ray, a beam
breaks through the darkness
A flash, building to a torrent
of Light
Merciful Creator
I am alive. I am free
A new day begins.

Well that is all for now!


Josephine said...

These are beautiful. You should give them to a songwriter to put to music. keep it up! --J.

Julia said...

You're silly! But it's fun to write blogs for you to read :)

Anonymous said...

Julia, do you think you could go to edit posts and change the title of this post to something other than my real name? I'd like to protect my anonymity. thanks.-J