Monday, August 22, 2005

A nychthemeron in the life of Julia

4:30 AM      wake up and realize I still have 1.5 hours to sleep!

6:00 AM     wake up & hit the snooze button :(

6:15 AM     Get up

6:30 AM     travel to work

7:30 AM     start working

10:00 AM   start blog entry for today upon learning new word, nychthemeron


Jo said...

oh gulia. let me learn more about what is in your head please!

Rachna Chaudhari said...

Isn't work the worst? I want to go back to school where I can sleep in and skip class.

Jo said...

julia, i don't want to issue an ultimatum, but what's the use of having a blog if you don't write on it?