Monday, June 11, 2007

Bonjour de France!

Today I am in France! The flight was long :( But on my flight from Cedar Rapids to Detroit, I found that I was sitting next to my friend Kelli's uncle! I could not sleep on the flight from Detroit to France, but I was surprised by the not-so-bad food quality. There was even a fresh salad with tomatoes. I had never been on a plane with tv's in the seats! The man next to me laughed at me because I took a picture :)

It was really neat, they had a real-time map of where the plane was, the outside temperature, and the speed of the head/tailwind.
I am glad I work with adventerous people - tonight we went to a non-English speaking restaraunt and our food was great.
We also went to see the statue of Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc). She saved the town I am staying in right now, Orleans, in 1429. It is a very old city! It was founded before 275. Everything is pretty much beautiful.
This picture is just a typical house outside of my hotel.

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Adam said...

great pictures julia! i like the tv/seat. my only question: what is the source of sound for the little screen? are headphones provided? does it emmit from the screen, or is it built into your head rest?