Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today's Post

In my film discussion group last night we watched a short movie about a current-practice monastery. These were men who were completely devoted to God and loving their brothers as themselves. It was strange though, because many people (the film group being mostly 'protestant' Christians) felt some antipathy or well, something, against these people, myself included! I know my first thought was, "well, why can't I be close to God where I am in my life? I don't need to get away and pray all day!" Why did I feel angry? Was I jealous of the community and devotion these people had? Do I want a faith that is too easy, do I want to have Jesus, but make lots of money and serve only myself? Anyway, I was surprised at my anger, and am not sure why I felt angry. But why aren't there more protestant monks/nuns? Hmmm. Well, if I'm going to post every day, it probably won't all be quality stuff!

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