Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The naming of a car

Yes, details and pictures are coming soon.  What is the proper way to name a car?  I have been through a process in my car-driving years.  All of my cars have had Spanish names, though I am willing to explore other languages for this next vehicle.  My first car was "El conjito del amor" (little love bunny - it was red and small, not as scandalous as it sounds!).  Then there was El Melocóton Grande (the big peach - a very large peachy-colored Ford).  Then, after a string of failure cars I decided to give my next car a Biblical name full of hopeful promise (like God changed Abram's name to Abraham which means "father of many" before he had any children), so my last car's name was "Señor Confiable" - "Mr. Reliable"  and well, it lasted three years, so I think it lived up to it's name quite well. 


Just Your Average Jo said...

I am very skilled in this endeavor. YOu must think of the car's characteristics, immerse yourself in its aura, determine its gender, and think of historical characters who meet this criteria.

Chewie said...

I think it is rather obvious what you should name you car. You said in your last entry that it is "reliable enough" to make it longer distances so you should call it "bastante confiable" Maybe that is too difficult how about "Mi gato se arde" my cat is on fire? Whoops what am I saying that is too demented. Third time is a charm "coche del adulto" adult car. I am bad at naming cars.