Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It has arrived!

My new car. This is my first car with a key fob with a button that locks/unlocks your doors. I feel ridiculously wealthy. I think this may also be my first car with functioning air conditioning! It is a 1999 Honda Civic! Doesn't that just sound economical? Ahhh. It has about 90000 miles, so just about "broke in" I hope, like a pair of jeans that haven't been washed for a few days/weeks. It is dark (may I say "forrest?") green, a color of car I never thought I would have, but this opens many new names I would have not been able to use if it was a different color. Mi favorito hasta ahora: El guisante verde sabroso. (My favorite so far: The tasty green pea.)

In sad news (for reader #1 of this blog anyway): The Brawny Man was soundly defeated by the Ninja in a recent GoogleFight: For such a manly man, he didn't really even show up. The metric system was actually a stronger contender, though still unvictorious:


Just Your Average Jo said...

NO! the brawny man lost to a ninja???? oh my gosh! que lastima!

Anonymous said...

I saw the score with the Brawny man (BM) and the Ninja. Think about it while the BM is very strong and manly, he is not as quick and agile as the Ninja. Nijas have cool throwing weapons while the BM has paper towels and an axe. What did you expect really? ^___^

Chewie said...

If it is a "forrest" green car then you should name it "El bosque de verde", the green forest. :D